FAQ About Your Partner in All the Tree Service Things

Whether you have large-scale tree trimming plans or want to trim a few bushes on your property, it’s time to choose a qualified tree service professional. We answered some frequently asked questions and helped our present and new clients grasp everything they need to know about us by creating this FAQ page. If the details you need are listed elsewhere, we will be happy to help in Ocala, FL.

Q: What is the age of your business?

A: A well-known business with roots dating back to 2013, Affordable and Reliable Tree Service Ocala is one. With over ten years of practical experience between them, our dependable and skilled team is presently available. We provide customized shrub trimming solutions, adhere to industry best practices, and utilize cutting-edge machinery!

Q: Why do I need to prune my trees?

For both your safety and the health of your trees, you should get them pruned. The following are the main justifications for our pruning trees:

  • Eliminating broken or shedding branches
  • Removing branches from nearby utility lines
  • Cutting off infected limbs
  • Using your roof or gutters to shape trees

Q: What time of year is ideal for pruning my trees?

A: Because trees are dormant and produce less sap in the late autumn and winter, trimming several trees is less taxing. This aids in attracting fewer potentially infectious insects. Early spring or dormancy are the ideal times to prune some flowering trees. Please get in touch with us to find out the ideal pruning plan for your specific trees.

Q: How can I know if a tree is in danger or dying?

A: When you first observe any changes in your tree, you should contact our affordable tree service experts. These alterations could be symptoms of a disease that is curable or fatal. Signs that a tree is sick or dying are:

  • Less foliage on some or all of the branches
  • The trunk of the Tree Softening
  • Dropping Limbs
  • The bark is brittle and dry

Q: How can I determine if I have Oak Wilt?

A: Finding a pattern of spread is the best method for determining the presence of Oak Wilt. But take caution! The most challenging tree disease to identify is oak wilt. The characteristic foliar Oak Wilt symptom can be brought on by many conditions, many of which are not even actual illnesses.

Q: How can I get enormous trees removed without causing harm to my property?

A: We utilize ropes to lower large, hazardous limbs or to cut tiny, manageable pieces and place them in secure locations.

Q: How frequently should my trees be pruned?

A: Most trees only require a thorough trimming once every three to five years. Nevertheless, based on the condition of the trees and your expectations, the trees can require a minor touch-up trimming every 1-2 years. We encounter over-pruned trees frequently. It’s crucial to remember that healthier trees don’t necessarily result from more trimming.

Have you found our FAQ page to be helpful? Please contact Affordable and Reliable Tree Service Ocala if you need a trained tree surgeon in Ocala, FL or the surrounding areas or have any questions about a professional tree trimming service. Let’s speak on the (352) 497-5971.

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